TiltShift Generator

TiltShift Generator 1.0.2

Adobe Air-based image editor


  • Simple slider controls
  • Makes changes in real time


  • Doesn't handle high resolution images very well
  • No way to undo changes


TiltShift Generator was originally designed to improve the potential of the iPhone Camera although nowadays, it can be used to add effects to any images.

TiltShift Generator is a web service that adds cool camera effects to your pictures on the fly. The first thing to note is that TiltShift Generator is an Adobe Air app so you'll need Adobe Air installed to use it. As with all Air apps however, it's very elegant and pleasing on the eye. To open a picture, simply click on 'Open' in the bottom left-hand corner. It seems that despite it's 'handles all images' claim, TiltShift Generator can only properly deal with images with a resolution no higher than 1600 pixels. When I opened my first image, I was warned that it may well operate very slowly because my image was above this.

Indeed, moving the saturation, contrast and brightness dials was painfully slow until I changed to a much smaller resolution picture. The main controls are to change the brightness, saturation, center radius, vignetting strength and radius. You control these with sliders but you can also drag an axis across the image to control where you want the effect to be applied. Unfortunately, there's no help documentation to explain exactly how TiltShift Generator works or what some of the functions do so using it is a case of trial and error although be careful, because you can't undo changes.

TiltShift Generator looks great and does it's job if you're looking for simple image enhancement although it's a shame it's not better explained and that it can't handle high resolution images very well.

TiltShift Generator


TiltShift Generator 1.0.2

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